Ejector Semi-Trailer



Ejector trailer is a semi-trailer variant equipped with a horizontal hydraulic lift cylinder. The high-pressure thruster works with a hydraulic. Allows the load to be discharged horizontally from the rear. It minimizes sideways tipping risks, unlike vertical operation systems.

Ejector Tipping Trailers 

Ejector trailer is used to transport all types of materials, mainly sand, gravel, aggregate, as well as mining and construction materials. It reduces the risks that the trailer will take to a minimum by keeping the hull stable under difficult conditions and by means of the discharge process

General Features

Hydraulic System: Hidromas. Ozceylan Turkish Brands 

Axles: BPW, SAF or BPW type Turkish MPD, Sertel brand axles with 9-12-14-16 tons capacity

Brakes: Wabco EBS, ABS or Knorr Bremse EBS, ABS drum or disk brake system 2S/2M configiration

Suspension: Air suspension, mechanical leaf spring suspension or bogie type suspension

Tires and Rims: Single or Double Tire, 385/60 R22,5 – 315/80 R22,5 – 12 R22,5 – 13 R22,5

Electrical System: Aspöck, Saba or Sertplas brand electrical system with 7 or 15 pin option

King Pin: 2” or 3,5” king pin JOST or equivalant Turkish made

Landing Gear: 25-35 Tons static JOST or OMS equivalant Turkish made

Painting: DYO or equivlinat acyrilic painting after sand blasting

Accessories: Tool box, fire box, spare tire carrier, water tank, front canopy, tarpulin system

Horizontal pusher unloading systems

The push-off system is the rear-way discharge of the product installed on the sliding floor with a horizontally designed hydraulic lift.

Capacity and Dimensions

The capacity of the ejector trailer varies according to the type of material to be carried. due to the use of a push force, its functionality may be reduced in high-weight tasks. It can be manufactured from 22 m3 to 50 m3 capacity.

Ejector trailers for sale

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Ejector Trailer Technical Specifications


22 to 50 Cbm, payload capacity

Chassis System

Main Beams: 120 to 150 mm width x 12 to 20 mm thickness ST52

Hub  Plate: 5 to 10 mm Complete through chassis length, ST52

Welding: Beams are placed into automatic welding machines, Submerged Arc

Octopus System; Two Chassis are connected

Silencer: Rubber magnets to prevent wearing and noise

Crossing Members: 5 to 10 mm St 52 material

King Pin Support: King Pin surrounded by 8 to 12 mm U type crossin members

Body System

Floor: 4 to 10 mm thickness Hardox or equivalent  HB 450 Certified Steel

Side Walls  : 3 to 10 mm thickness Hardox or equivalent HB 450 Certified Steel, supported by horizontal side

Side Support  : 3 – 5  mm St 52

Front Wall: 2 pcs St 52 vertical I beams, and holes for fixing the hydraulic lift

2 pcs slanted, supporting for the front wall.

Ladder: Aluminium ladder placed at the front side of the tipper body

Bottom Chassis: Floor of the body to be consist of crossing member  system, with horizontal and vertical supported

Tent hooks: Around the body, hooks are welded at a regular distance to secure the tent ropes

Tail Gate

Material         : 3 to 10 mm HB 450  Certified Steel, with vertical supporters

Connection pin: 50 to 70 mm Dia,4140 Steel grade.

Locking System: System is operated with adjustable springs connected to the bottom of the tailgate, System works by 2 locking hooks placed into the centre of the gate .

Balancer ( Grasshopper ) System

Connection with chassis and upper body, placed at the centre of chassis, foldable system indicated with technical drawing

Hydraulic Cylinder System

Ozceylan Cylinder, Type C, GHS 220, 197, 175 diameter size for heavy-duty purpose

Oil tank, the limit valve is optional

Axles System

BPW, SAF or Turkish brand (BPW type)axle configuration consist of 2 to 6 axle 12-16 ton axle system,

Air suspension with liftable options

Mechanical leaf spring Suspension with 12×12-14 mm layers

Bogie type axles

Brake System

Knorr, Wabco ABS, Dual air brake system

Slack adjuster to be automatic

Brake Chambers sizes to be 30 X 30 and 30

Air tanks to be 80 + 80 lt capacity

Distribution of air to be by plastic hoses 8 – 12 size,

All fittings to be steel ( Brass ) one to prevent any leakage in the brake system, ( Plastic fitting will cause air leakage in the system )

Electrical system 

Sa-Ba or Sertplas Brand

2×7 pin sockets – 24V, lights according to SAE standards

Rear stop lamps, side marker lamps, brake safety warning lamps and signal light fitted

2 tail & stop combined lamps (red)

2 turn signal combined lamps (orange)

1 license plate lamp (white)

The electrical system is suitable for Europen Norms and with flameproof cables


385/65 R22,5, 12.00 R 24, 13R 22,5, 12 R 22,5

Brand options are; Bridgestone, Goodyear, Pirelli, Formula, Sava, Kelly, or equivalent

King Pin

2 or 3,5” Jost Module Brand  according to DIN standards

Kin pin Height will be 1250 mm

Landing Gears 

Jost Module Brand Type two speed

Telescopic, mechanical conveyor gear

Dynamic Lift Capacity: 25 Tones

Static Lift Capacity: 50 Tones

Low Gear Position      : 0.98 mm / Rev

High Gear                   : 10,0 mm / Rev


After the construction process, all  semi-trailers ( Chassis + Body ) sandblasted

Before the painting, all parts are cleaned carefully

Epoxy gray is used for first protecting primer coating as 50 micron

2 Times of high-quality paints applied on complete trailer

The color of the trailer is selected by customer requested according to RAL codes

Painting thickness to be 100 microns, and all painting process to be submitted with certifications


–             Plastic fenders

–             Toolbox

–             Control panel

–             Plastic water tank

–             Spare tire + mount

–             Manual bumperTarpaulin cover, manual actuation, green color

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