What is a self steering axle
Axle Self-Steering System on Semi Trailer

Lowbed Trailer Steering Axle System

What is a self-steering axle?

The self-steering system is an automatic and semi-automatic rudder system that allows the rear axles to rotate hydraulically or electronically at certain angles in Lowbed trailers. It is a type of axle steering system used in semi-trailers to independently strengthen rotation capability and extend tire-wheel life. Self-steering is usually the steering system used in lowbed semi-trailer. It has 2 operating functions, hydraulically and electronically.

What is a self steering axle

What is a self steering axle

How does a steering axle work?

The hydraulic control valve attached to the kingpin allows the wheels to rotate according to the direction of the truck’s rotation. multi-axle systems work with the help of a control lever.

How does a steering axle work

How does a steering axle work

Steering Axle Trailer Types

Self Steering Lowbed Semi Trailer

Self steering axle system comes from low loaders at the top of the most used products in the world. Low loaders that can be extended according to the length of the loads carried are used. The higher the number of axles, the less the ability to turn, the more the self-steering system solves this problem. Today it is inevitable to use these systems for long vehicles.

Emirsan 4 axle self steering Low Loader (Lowbed)

Emirsan uses state-of-the-art axle systems in its low loaders. It produces lowbed from 2 axles to 10 axles. It offers fast maneuverability, long wheel life with a hydraulic rudder system.

Why use Emirsan Lowbed products?

  • Reduces damage to the body and suspension assembly.
  • It saves fuel.
  • Reduces tire wear and tear.
  • It provides better and faster maneuverability.
  • Electronic braking systems
  • European or equivalent brand axles
  • Hydraulic ramping systems


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