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Emirsan W Type Cement Bulker (Millenium Type Cement Tanker Semi Trailer)
Emirsan W Type Cement Bulker (Millenium Type Cement Tanker Semi Trailer) is a product designed for the transportation of cement and other powder-like items such as starch and flour. These cement tanker trailers, also known as bulkers, are widely used in the construction and food industries. The trailers have a capacity of between 20 and 60 cubic meters, making them ideal for large-scale transportation.
The Emirsan W Type Cement Bulker (Millenium Type Cement Tanker Semi Trailer) is available in various configurations, with 2, 3, or 4 axles and single or double tire combinations, allowing customers to choose the right model for their needs. The trailers are equipped with either air or mechanical suspension, depending on the road conditions and customer preferences.
To enable the unloading of the cement tanker semi-trailers, they are equipped with electric or 4-cylinder diesel motors located at the front of the bulkers. This allows for quick and efficient unloading of the cargo, which is essential for many industries. The Emirsan W Type Cement Bulker (Millenium Type Cement Tanker Semi Trailer) is a reliable and high-quality product that meets the needs of customers in various industries, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a cement tanker trailer.
In conclusion, the Emirsan W Type Cement Bulker (Millenium Type Cement Tanker Semi Trailer) is an essential product for the transportation of cement and other powder-like items. With its large capacity, various configurations, and efficient unloading system, it is an ideal choice for those in the construction and food industries. Its reliable performance and high-quality construction make it a top choice for customers looking for a cement tanker trailer.

Tank Details :
- 4 units of heavy-duty screw type loading covers with 450 mm opening
- Working pressure 2 bar and test pressure 3 bar.
-  4 “discharging system and 6 mt special alloy discharge hose
- Spheric air valves and 4 discharging jet valves units
- 1 unit regulated to 2.5 bar safety valve
- Upper catwalk and Access ladder
- 2 x Manhole Covers, 4001 mm
- Discharging System and pipeline 4 inch
- Welding applied in flat position by automatic arc welding machine
- Offload adaptor of 4 automatic offload to the left side or from the middle of the bulker with return lines with couplers in the back of bulker with one 3’’ and one 4’’ pipes size
- Main beams   made of St 52 A1 complete without any welding, 7mm steel thickness
- Beams are placed into automatic welding machines, Submerged Arc Technology
Landing Gears:
Certificated Turkish brands Jost Type two speed
Telescopic, mechanical conveyor gear
Dynamic Lift Capacity : 25 Tones
Static Lift Capacity       : 50 Tones
- 12-14 flowrate per minute
- 2 piston , 220 mm X 220 mm
- Diesel Motor F4L912 , 4 Cylinder // or Electric motor 40 HP
- MPD Axles (SAF, Sertel or Trax Axles optional)
- 3 X 12 Ton Payload Capacity
- 1st axle liftable – 4th axle self-steering (optional)
- Air Suspension
- Automatic Brake Chamber (double acting diaphragm)
- Adjustable Arms
- Wabco / Knorr EBS System with RSP 
- Weight control valves
- Water Tank (60 liters)
- Spare tire holder
- Fire extinguisher holder
- Tool Box
- Access Ladder
- Cat Walk platform of anti slpi material & movable hand rails
- Pneumatic system platform upper guard handrail
- PVC pipes to carry unloading hoses with 4 inch plastc charge hoses (6 m. with couplers)
- Plastic chock
- Control panel
- Trailer Park lock system
- Tool box mounted on the body
- Unloading air dunnel hose system for fiquidity
- Welding inspection, dimensional control and pressure test results and certificates
Brake System:
Dual Line Brake System
Automatic Slack adjuster
Brake Chambers sizes 24 X 30 and 30 X 30 ,
Air tanks 80 + 80 lt capacity
Distribution of air by plastic hoses 8 – 12 size,
All fittings to be steel (Brass) to prevent any leakage in brake system
Electrical System:
- Sa-Ba or Sertplas Brand
- 2x7 pin sockets - 24V, lights according to SAE standards
- Rear stop lamps, side marker lamps, brake safety warning lamps and signal light
- 7 function rear stop lamps
- 2 white led illuminated rear lamps
- 4x 2 yellow led illuminated side lamps
- 4 nos traffic license plate lamp (white)
- Electrical system is suitable for European Norms with flameproof cables
- 2 nos head lights (front) and 4 nos lamps/lights at top of the tank and bottom
- 2 nos head lights (back)
- Night vision outdoor lights
- Speed plates
- Reflector both tank and side reflector arches across
- After the construction process, all parts are sand blasted
- Before the painting, all parts are cleaned carefully
- Epoxy gray is used for first protecting primer coating as 60 micron
2 Times of high-quality paints applied on complete trailer
The color of trailer is selected by customer requested according to RAL codes
Painting thickness to be 250 micron , and all painting process to be submitted with certifications

- 6  Nos 425/65 R 22,5 (16 tires if double tire is preferred)
- 6 Nos  Steel Rims (16 rims if double tire is preferred)
- Multi piece plastic fenders
- 2 pieces of sludge trap mats



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