What is a Lowbed? The world of trailers is vast, with many models, types, and technicalities to understand. One particular model, the Lowbed trailer (often referred to as a "low bed trailer" or "low bed semi trailer"), is a topic of interest for many in the transportation and construction industries. Today, we will delve deep into understanding the Lowbed and its significance, especially for companies like Emirsan Trailer, a leading Turkey manufacturer.

Trailer and Semi Trailer

Before we dive into the specifics of a Lowbed, it's essential to distinguish between a trailer and a semi-trailer. A trailer is a general term for any unpowered vehicle typically pulled by a powered vehicle, often a truck. A semi trailer, on the other hand, is a trailer without a front axle. Most of the weight of the semi trailer is supported by the tractor unit, known as a truck, which has the axle.

Lowbed Trailer and Its Variations

A Lowbed trailer, also recognized as a low loader, is a type of semi trailer specifically designed to transport heavy equipment and machinery. This heavy-duty trailer's distinguishing feature is its extremely low platform height, making it ideal for carrying tall items. The 'low bed' in the name refers to its low height from the ground, often making it a preferable choice for transporting heavy machinery.

Some variations of the lowbed trailer include the 'trailer low bed' and 'low bed semi trailer.' Their design often incorporates a gooseneck, which is a frontal protrusion that connects the trailer to the truck, aiding in the distribution of weight.

Features and Technical Aspects

The Lowbed's construction is designed to handle heavy loads. They are often built with high-quality material and hydraulic ramps to ensure the smooth loading and unloading of equipment. The axle, often multiple in number, distributes the weight, making transportation easier. Each model of the Lowbed may differ in dimension, height, and capacity. They are usually equipped with a specific number of tires, brakes, and a landing gear for support.

Load capacity is a crucial feature, measured in tons, which indicates the maximum weight the trailer can transport. The number of axles will usually determine this. More axles typically mean more weight capacity.

Usage of Lowbed Trailer

Lowbeds are a popular choice in the construction industry. With the capacity to transport heavy machinery like cranes, loaders, and other equipment, they're indispensable. Due to their low height, they're often used to carry tall machinery that might not fit on a regular platform trailer. These trailers, given their design, can bear immense weight, often used for heavy-duty transportation tasks.

Why Choose Emirsan Trailer's Lowbeds

Emirsan Trailer, a renowned Turkey manufacturer, has been in the trailer business for nearly two decades, exporting products to 85 countries. Their Lowbed trailers are a testament to their expertise. Not only do they offer a variety of models, but they also have trailers catering to different machinery and weight specifications.

For those looking to buy a Lowbed or looking for a sale, Emirsan Trailer is an ideal contact. Their products are crafted with precision, ensuring every type of load is catered for, from heavy machinery to specific construction materials. With a technical team at disposal, they ensure every product meets international standards

In Conclusion

A Lowbed trailer, with its unique design and capacity to transport heavy equipment, is invaluable in industries like construction. Companies like Emirsan Trailer, with their experience and dedication to quality, have made a significant mark in the trailer business. For those in need, be it to transport a crane or any heavy-duty machinery, a Lowbed from Emirsan Trailer is the way to go.


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