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Emirsan Fixed Low-Bed (Non-Extendable Lowbed Semi Trailer)

Emirsan Fixed Low-Bed (Non-Extendable Lowbed Semi Trailer) product is an ideal solution for transporting heavy construction machinery and equipment. These trailers, also known as low-loaders, are designed with a low deck height to accommodate taller cargo, making them a popular choice in the construction industry.  Emirsan Fixed Low-Bed (Non-Extendable Lowbed Semi Trailer) is particularly useful for hauling excavators, road compactors, and special equipment such as heavy pipes and factory assembly pieces. Its robust structure and reliable suspension make it well-suited for carrying these heavy loads.

In addition to construction machinery, the Emirsan Fixed Low-Bed (Non-Extendable Lowbed Semi Trailer) is also suitable for hauling other heavy goods, such as concrete columns and beams, generators, and oil drilling machines. The telescopic chassis allows for customization based on the cargo to be transported, making it a versatile solution for a range of heavy transport needs. The low-bed also comes with either pen ramps or broad foldable ramps, providing easy access for loading and unloading.

The number of axles on the Emirsan Fixed Low-Bed (Non-Extendable Lowbed Semi Trailer)) can vary from 2 to 8, depending on the weight of the cargo being transported. This makes it an efficient and cost-effective choice for companies needing to transport a range of heavy goods. Overall, the Emirsan Fixed Low-Bed (Non-Extendable Lowbed Semi Trailer) is a durable and reliable choice for any company in need of a heavy-duty trailer for transporting construction machinery, equipment, and other heavy goods.


Chassis :
Main Beams                   : 120 X 14 mm , St 52 , Complete without any welding
Hub  Plate                       : 6 mm Complete through chassis lenght , ST 52 A1
Welding                            : Beams are placed into automatic welding machines , Submerged Arc
Octopus System          : Two Chassis are connected with octopus sytem
Crossing Members     : 2 Main chassis are welded to through crossing members , 8 mm St 52
King Pin Support        : King Pin surrounded by 12 mm U type crossing members

Floor  :
3/4 mm Thickness ST52 Chequered Plate with wood platforms (or complete chequered steel according to cusotmer preference)

Loading Ramps :
Steel Ramps ;
Ramps are hydraulically operated with 24 V Powerpack that connect to tractor unit battery.
Ramp width can be 1000 mm according to demand foldable or pen like
Ramp can be move right and left according to platform width
The ramp is covered with wood platform

Axles :
Axle configuration consist of 5 x 12 Ton  MPD axle system,  Air suspansion type , Air chambers are 813 size , high quality , with Parabolic Z leaf spring ,
Lifting operation to be thru a contol button placed at the left side of trailer
Main beams of axles to be edges 14 mm, and corners are 16 mm Timken Bearing for hubs
1st axle liftable, number of self steering axles according to customer demands        

Brakes :
Knorr or Wabco Brand ABS / TEBS system 
Slack adjuster to be automatic 
Brake Chambers sizes to be 24 X 30 and 30 X 30 ,
Drum Chambers  
Air tanks to be 80 + 80 lt capacity
Distribution of air to be by plastic hoses 8 – 12 size ,
All fittings to be steel ( Brass ) one to prevent any leakage in brake system  (Plastic fitting will cause air leakage in the system)

Electrical system :
Sa-Ba or Trailigt Brand
2x7 pin sockets - 24V, lights according to SAE standards
Rear stop lamps, side marker lamps, brake safety warning lamps and signal light fitted
2 tail & stop combined lamps (red)
2 turn signal combined lamps (orange)
1 license plate lamp (white)
Electrical system is suitable for Europen Norms and with flameproof cables

Tires :
16 pcs 245/70 R17,5  STARMAXX tires will be used
16  pcs of 17,5’’ steel wheel Jantas or Jantsa rims will be used

King Pin :
Certificated Turkish brand forged steel king-pin 2" or 3,5” according to DIN standards
Kin pin Height will be suitable according to your tractor head

Landing Gears :
Certificated Turkish brands Jost Type two speed
Telescopic, mechanical conveyor gear
Dynamic Lift Capacity : 25 Tones
Static Lift Capacity        : 50 Tones
Low Gear Position         : 0.98 mm / Rev
High Gear                          : 10,0 mm / Rev

Painting :
After the construction process , all trailers are sand blasted
Before the painting, all parts are cleaned carefully
Epoxy gray is used for first protecting primer coating as 50 micron
2 Times of high quality  paints applied on complete trailer
The color of trailer is selected by customer requested according to RAL codes
Painting thickness to be 100 micron , and all painting process to be submitted with certifications

Accessories :
Water Tank
Spare tyre carrier (spare tyre optional) 
Wheel leaning mounting
Fire extinguisher preserving cabinet.   
Tool Box
All related Accessories

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