Pneumatic Cement Tanker Trailer 35m3

A pneumatic cement trailer is a type of semi-trailer which is equipped with an air discharge system in different capacities. Pneumatic discharge system semi-trailer tank, pipe, electric or diesel engines powered by the bulk cement is transferred to silos by compressed air.

Bulk Cement Transportation with Pneumatic System

The transport of bulk cement takes place by different packaging methods. It is carried by type w and Type v tankers equipped with bag packing methods as well as pneumatic systems. 2 types of trailers are the most widely used worldwide in wholesale cement transports. V type and w type  


Pneumatic System Cement Trailer Features

  • 20 m3 to 60 m3  Payload Capacity 
  • 2 to 4 axle under carrying systems 
  • ST37, ST52, Domex, Stainless steel  body structure material 
  • Pneumatic compressor powered by diesel and electric motors
  • Vacuum or pressure-adapted discharge staffs
  • 3 different filling ways
  • European Brands Tires , 12R-22.5  385 65 R ,22.5 
  • Saba Brand 24 Volt Electrical Systems
  • ABS, EBS Brake Systems 
  • 2″ , 3.5″ King pin 

Pneumatic Tanker Trailer For Sale

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