galvanized-lowbed-trailer-3-axle (2)

3 Axle Galvanized Lowbed Semi Trailer

3-axle all-galvanized lowbed trailer. New design more resistant to wear and corrosion.  The body structure is coated with zinc by hot dipping process. It is galvanized by dipping the steel body into a 450-degree zinc bath. It is suitable for longer-term use.

Galvanized Trailer for Sale

Emirsan can process galvanized in all semi-trailers. Galvanized sales of all kinds of trailers and semi-trailers according to your request. Contact us to get a galvanized trailer price for 2020.

Galvanized semi-trailer types

In our production process, we can do zinc dipping in the production of the following products.

  • Galvanized tipper trailer
  • Galvanized truck body
  • Galvanized lowbed  trailer
  • Galvanized dump trailer
  • Galvanized tanker trailer
  • Galvanized flatbed trailer

Application of galvanization in 3-axle lowbed trailer