Full Refurbished Cement Trailer For Sale


Emirsan is an expert in the renewal process of cement tanks for sale. we are renewing trailers with idle capacity or having partially completed their useful life. Thus, we benefit from reduced transportation costs to a minimum. so what are the renovations?

Refurbishment Process  or Renewal Methods on Used Cement Trailer

We are completing the necessary steps for the reintroduction of used semi-trailers. Cement manufacturers and shipping companies have the advantage of using refurbished products instead of buying new trailers. It has many benefits in terms of cost and time.



1. Repair and renovation of hull structure damages
2. Renewal and maintenance of axle, camper, brake shoes, and ratchet
3. Maintenance of loading and unloading equipment
4. Electric or diesel engine compressor repair and troubleshooting
5. Renewal of Electrical and signaling equipment
6. Repair of safety equipment such as brake assembly, oil change
7. Completion of the Kingpin and other fasteners
8. Sanding


Repair, Renewal, refresh of Semi-Trailer

We have the ability to get used semi-trailers back on the roads at low cost. We are quickly and reliably upgrading semi-trailers by our experts. Identify the semi-trailers you need in our stock and meet your needs with low budgets. Visit our page to buy a semi-trailer for sale immediately.