Front Load trailer is a low front-ramped loader that allows heavy vehicles with too much weight to be carried. Thanks to its detachable feature, it creates a ramp at the front of the vehicles. This way, after the heavy vehicle is loaded, the installation is completed by reassembling. Our product has hydraulic front ramp to load heavy machinery. We produce Front Load Lowbed with BPW type heavy duty axles and Wabco brakes system. Emirsan is producer of the semi trailers from Turkey.

Front Loader Features 

2 to 10 Axles,

BPW, SAF, Turkish brand Axles,

JOST or Turkish brand parking leg and king pin,

Wabco, Knorr ABS and EBS brake system,

Single or Double Tire, 385/60 R22,5 – 315/80 R22,5 – 12 R22,5 – 13 R22,5 Pirelli, Bridgestone, Goodyear brand tires according to load,

Hydraulic or Pneumatic Ramp,

Hydraulic Gooseneck and Folding Gooseneck Option,

Hydraulic Steering Axles Option,

Hydraulic Suspension Option,

4 to 15 meter sliding,

2,5 to 5 meter width,

20 to 150 tons loading.

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