Rigid Bodies Tipper Trailer by Emirsan is engineered for adaptability and resilience in diverse operating conditions. Widely sought-after in the construction arena, these trailers are pivotal in moving and tipping substantial materials such as gravel, sand, and demolition debris. The seamless tipping action and robust steel body design ensure a safe and precise material deposit, reducing the reliance on manual labor, thus streamlining construction operations.

Moreover, Emirsan tipper trailers are vital in logistics, efficiently transporting bulk or waste materials to designated locations. These semi trailers boast a high-capacity steel box, supported by a sturdy frame and advanced suspension system, making them a top selection for businesses aiming to boost productivity and trim down operational costs.

Agriculturally, these tippers are instrumental, facilitating the transfer of fertilizers and feeds. They're designed with a low center of gravity and a strong chassis that enhances stability and safety on the road. The hydraulic mechanism, which is standard across all models, allows for varied tipping angles and movement, accommodating different types of payloads with ease.

Each trailer, a manifestation of Emirsan's commitment to excellence, is available for sale and can be customized upon request. With options ranging from side and rear tipping to various types of sheeting like the sliding curtain or dropside, they cater to specific needs, ensuring that every task, from filling grain silos to moving construction waste, is carried out efficiently.

To learn more about our trailer types, weight capacities, and to request a price, our team is ready to assist. Contact Emirsan today for a trailer that's made to endure heavy use, resist wear, and reduce your operation's down time.




Trailer Bodies Main Structure

Product Type & Model

Rigid Bodies Trailer

Body Type 

Half Pipe (Pool Type)

Body Material

Body is made of ST-52 (S355JR)  materials for maximum abrasiveness and impact resistance. (Optional special Hardox® 450 and Hardox® 500 Tuf steel for light weight design)

Tail Gate

Mechanical open, lengthwise, top-hinged (Optional hydraulic)

Tarpaulin System

Manual sliding tarpaulin, with continuous rail (Optional electrical sliding, tarpaulin protective)


21 m3 (Optional design with any volume)

Tare Weight ±%5

2.4 Tons (for 21 m3) (Varies with optional properties design)

Tipping Angle


Internal Length (Top)

6.600 mm (for 21 m3) (Optional design with any size)

Internal Length (Floor)

6.200 mm (for 21 m3) (Optional design with any size)

Internal Width

2.300 mm (for 21 m3) (Optional design with any size)

Total Width

2.500 mm  (for 21 m3) (Optional design with any size)

Internal Height 

1.500 mm (for 21 m3) (Optional design with any size)

Trailer Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic System
Five stages heavy duty cold-drawn telescopic cylinder
Hydraulic Oil Tank

Available as optional (Optionally oil tank has 70lt capacity or at the desired capacity. On the tank there are, 125" suction filter, and 25" return filter with ventilation, level indicator, special valve, and releasing tap)

Other Standard Equipment


Reflector application suitable for traffic regulations

Vertical front wall with reinforcements and raised excavator protection. Protection metal sheet longitudinally at the bottom of the body in order to protect the trucks parts during the loading and carrying. Cage system protecting the rear lamp of the truck. Continuous guard plate (apron) on sides.

Aluminum access ladder


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