Flatbed Semi-Trailers by Emirsan are essential for industries requiring the efficient transport of goods. As a leading supplier, our semi-trailers cater to a wide array of loading and transport needs. With a robust steel beam construction and a durable floor system, these trailers are designed for heavy-duty work. The flat deck type allows for the accommodation of oversized equipment, typically including construction materials and 40 ft containers.

Our trailers offer a high weight capacity, with some models capable of handling loads up to 50 tons, thanks to their strong axle system and steel composition. The safety of your load is paramount, and with features like side drop posts and an optional Conestoga system, Emirsan ensures secure and protected transport.

Transporting goods with an Emirsan trailer means opting for a semi-trailer known for its reliability and versatility. Whether for sale or part of a larger transport solution, each trailer is equipped with a suspension designed to handle high-capacity loads, ensuring smooth transit. The flatbed's open deck makes loading goods straightforward, promoting efficiency and saving time.

These semi-trailers are not just about the load; they are also about step-by-step safety and the adaptability to various types of cargo. From the height of the trailer ensuring ease of loading to the tire quality that offers stability during transport, every detail is crafted for optimal performance.

In the logistics realm, Emirsan flatbed semi-trailers excel, providing the necessary system for quick loading and secure transport. They are especially good for moving special equipment or heavy loads that require a flatbed's versatility. Our trailers, with their customizable deck and optional features, are tailored to meet specific industry demands.

Choosing an Emirsan trailer means partnering with a supplier that understands the intricacies of transport needs. We are committed to offering a product that integrates quality, safety, and performance, all while ensuring a competitive price. As a global exporter, we ensure that our trailers are a perfect fit for businesses looking for a flatbed with an exceptional capacity, versatile load system, and reliable height and suspension for safe and efficient transport.




Semi Trailer Main Structure

Product Type & Model

Flatbed Semi-Trailer

Main Chassis Material

Made of high quality and high strength ST-52 (S355JR) steel, in compliance with 98/91 EEC standards; made of two welded long itudinal beams in I form with cross beams at needed distances  (Optional special Strenx® 700MC steel for light weight design)

Rear Bumper

Movable rear bumper that complies with 70/221/EEC standards and has been tested (Optionally dipped galvanized (abrasion and corrosion resistant) rear bumper)

Tare Weight ±%5

5.5 Tons (Varies with optional properties design)


6.460 mm (Optional design with any size)

Fifth Wheel Height

1.205 mm  (Optional design with any size)

Total Height

1.420 mm (Optional design with any size)

Total Length

13.590 mm (Optional design with any size)

Total Width

2.550 mm (Optional design with any size)

Semi Trailer Axle Specification

Number of Axles

2-3-4 axles

Axle Brake Type

Drum brake type (Optional disc brake type)

Each Axles Capacity

9 tons capacity (Optional up to 18 tons)

Each Sequence Twin/Single Wheel

Single wheel (Depends on tire dimension)

Number of Liftable Axles and Position

Only front axle as standard

Number of Steered Axles and Position

Optional other options

Type of Steered Axles

Optional mechanical or hydraulic steering

Semi Trailer Suspension Equipment

Suspension Type

Air suspension and equipment's (Optional any type) 

Suspension Bellows and Type

818 Type suspension bellows

Springs and Type

Parabolic double decked Z spring or other types

Shock Absorbers

Standard shock absorbers equipment

Trailer Tires & Rims Specifications

Tire Dimensions

385/65 R 22.5 (Optional any compatible size)

Rim Dimensions

22.5X11.75 steel rims with standard tire dimension

Total Tire & Rim Unit

With 385/65 R 22.5  option, totally 6 units

Other Compatible Tire Sizes

12 R 22.5 (Double tire size optional)

Semi Trailer Brake System

Air Line

Standard Dual circuit brake hardware

Brake System

EBS, 2S/2M (Optional 4S/3M or 4S/4M) WABCO or KNORR brand (Optional only ABS System)

Brake Slack Adjusters

Automatic type

Brake Bellows

30” Service brake bellows, 30x30” emergency brake bellows (Optional any size)

Trailer Brake Regulation

Compatible with 'UN ECE R13' regulation

Semi Trailer Electrical Equipment

Electrical Input Voltage

Standard 24V

Socket Type

Standard 7 (optional 15 pins) NATO type or any type distribution cable

Ex-Proof Compatibility

Available as optional

Lighting Functions

Brake, signal, stop, reversing and fog lights, side lights, reversing lights, license plate lights


Reflector application suitable for traffic regulations

Blackout Lambs

Available as optional

Rotating Lamp

Available as optional

Standard Equipment

King Pin

2” bolt-connected, interchangeable with 3½"  according to the 94/20 EEC, (D:152 kN - Type: H50-X)

Landing Legs

Telescopic landing gears mechanical with two speeds, dynamic 24 ton, static 50 tons capacity, one side controlled

Lockable Cabinets

1 plastic tool box lockable

Spare Tire Holder 

1 basket type spare tire carrier - for one unit spare tire

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

1  fire extinguisher tube and cabinet

Parking Chock with Handle

1 set parking chock with handle

Water Tank

1 water tank with soap dispenser


3 sets of half mudguard

Side Guard

Aluminum folding type in accordance with ECE R73 regulation



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