Betonsan brand air compressors are now equipped with a new generation diesel engine, delivering reliable and efficient performance. With this upgrade, customers can expect improved productivity and reduced operating costs.

Cement transportation is a crucial aspect of the construction industry, and the equipment used must be reliable, efficient, and safe. Betonsan, a leading manufacturer of concrete mixing and transportation equipment, has recently released a new cement tanker compressor with a digital display and a powerful diesel engine.

The new cement tanker compressor from Betonsan comes equipped with a digital display that provides real-time information on the compressor's performance and status. The display allows the operator to monitor the air pressure and temperature of the compressor, ensuring that the system is operating within safe and optimal parameters.

In addition to the digital display, the new compressor also features a new diesel engine that provides increased power and efficiency. The engine is designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice for construction companies.

The cement tanker compressor is built with Betonsan's signature attention to detail and durability. The tank is made of high-quality steel and is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of construction sites. The compressor is also equipped with safety features, such as a pressure relief valve and a temperature sensor, to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation.

Overall, the new cement tanker compressor from Betonsan is an excellent choice for construction companies looking for reliable and efficient equipment to transport cement. With its digital display, new diesel engine, and durable construction, the compressor is sure to provide years of trouble-free service.