Container Chassis

Container Chassis offers the best solutions for transporting containers from 20 ft to 53 ft. Skeletal trailer design contributes to reduced transport costs by preventing unnecessary weight formation. Fixed structures are preferred for special container handling services, while extended chassis structures provide multiple uses. Flexible and durable bodies are manufactured from steel plates such as ST52, Domex.

Types Of The Container Chassis

There is a production of a chassis trailer measuring from 20 ft to 53 ft. Extended, tipping, fixed and gooseneck designs provide a variety of user experience.


20 foot Container Carrier Trailer


40 foot Container Carrier Trailer


45 foot Container Carrier Trailer


Extendable Container Carrier Trailer

Chassis Features

  • Fixed designs are designed for the transport of containers in standard sizes.
  • Extended design provides the most useful opportunity to transport your multi-choice container cargo
  • Its flexible structure allows performance in the wider distribution of load
  • Easy locking system gives you and your load convenience for fast and reliable transport

Container Trailer Sales 

Your requirements are important for the safe and widespread use of containers, which are the dispersal product of sea transport, on the road. So feel free to contact us for trailer solutions to suit your needs. Get an offer from our customer authorities for container trailer prices for 2020

Container Trailer Overwiev

Container Carrier Trailer Overwiev
AxleFrom 2 to 4 Axle
CapacityAccording to the capacity of containers size and require
Suitable for1×20 Ft, 1×30 Ft, 1×40 Ft, 1×45 Ft, 1×53 Ft Container
Material Domex, St52 Steel material with high flexibility

Container Chassis Manufacturer in Turkey – Emirsan

Emirsan is one of the best companies manufacturing container chassis in Turkey. Konya Organized Industrial Zone 14.500 m2 area provides production and sales services.