70 M³ Scrap Metal Tipper Trailer | For Scrap Transport

Emirsan – Scrap type semi-trailer designed for scrap transportation. The body structure is produced from hard steel plates according to the density. Designed to meet the needs and expectations of scrap transport at reasonable costs and on time. Scrap type Tipper trailer is a Product of Emirsan’s export experience. The robust chassis structure is welded with welding robots to prevent errors in dimensions. A high-quality air or spring suspension system is used for driving comfort and driving safety. It can be manufactured with 2 to 4 axle groups. According to user preference, BPW, SAF, or Turkish brand axles can be used. The two-stage pneumatic braking system provides safe travel with the EBS braking system, with a regulating valve according to the load level, automatic brake ratchets during parked, or problematic. Optionally for the base sheet produced using as Hardox 450 or Raex steel. The rear cover can be produced automatically or manually


  • The complete length:12.300 mm
  • Body height 2.500 mm
  • Total Height: Maximum 3900 mm
  • Body width   2.550 mm max.      
  • Axles between: 1310 mm

Legal Payload Capacity

  • Maximum Loading capacity  30.000kg
  • Net Weight: 10.000 Kgs +-3%
  • Gross Weight: 40.000 Kg

*Varies according to load density

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