30 M3 Dry Bulk Cement Trailer – Emirsan Trailer

30 M3 Dry cement trailer was designed in accordance with road conditions in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia Peninsula. Diesel-powered air compressors were used for the discharge method according to capacity. We are able to rebuild with the same features or according to your need.

30 m3 Cement Trailer Features 

  • 3  Axles
  • 30 Cbm Capacity
  • Suitable to carry; any kind of bulk materials, cement, lime, caco3
  •  ST-52 steel body – 4 mm thickness
  • Deutz Diesel engine compressor
  • BPW, SAF, Turkish brand Axles Options 
  • Wabco ABS and EBS brake system Options 
  • Air Suspension
  • Front Axle Lifting
  • European brand tires 385 65 R 22,5
  • Steel Rims
  • JOST or Turkish brand parking leg and kingpin